"For family enterprises, there is so much more at stake than money."

Amelia Renkert-Thomas - Founder

At Renkert Thomas Consulting we understand that families have unique challenges, whether running a business as a family, managing joint assets or transferring leadership to the next generation. Our consultants have helped families define their shared purpose and vision, plan for the future, design governance structures, establish family offices, and transition ownership and leadership.

We have worked with many families in numerous industries and know that no two families are the same. We have a deep understanding both of family systems and technical structures, such as trusts, partnerships, boards, and foundations, which means we are often asked to work alongside other family advisors.

Strategic Consulting Advice

We advise on a number of different long term and short terms issues and challenges.We help families plan ahead for the future, design and assess governance structures, set up family forums– such as family assemblies and owners’ councils – and advise on the transition of family businesses from one generation to the next. We offer strategic advice on the design and establishment of a family office and family office governance.


family meeting Planning and facilitation

Having an external facilitator to plan, chair and run meetings helps families achieve the best outcome. Our consultants can organize and facilitate meetings to bring families together on topics such as: articulating shared purpose and vision, enumerating core capital to understand why there is so much more at stake than money, and allocating decision-making power.

Training for families and advisors

Our consultants are often asked to speak at conferences and develop tailored training course and workshops for families. As lead trainers of the STEP Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising, we also train advisors, including lawyers, accountants and wealth advisers. We are happy to put together a customized training program to meet your particular needs.